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Best Win32 Software for Windows 11

Find best Win32 software work on Windows 11. Though UWP apps have advantages which Win32 software don't have, but still, Win32 software play the most important role in Windows system. A lot of the most popular software don't have a UWP version. And also, for most of the Windows 11 users, UWP is not must-have, but they do have a list of must-have Win32 software. We pick most of the most popular Win32 software compatible with Windows 11 out , We write reviews and set tags to them, to help Windows users to find them much easier.

Groupy screenshot



Win 10 desktop customization tool Groupy allows you to place apps, documents, and programs into groups of tabs for better organization and navigation. It can be a simple and most useful Windows software to optimize your experience.

TextExpander screenshot



TextExpander is a helpful productivity app that allows users to streamline and speed all they type with its auto snippets and abbreviations. And users can customize the content type. The auto-correction in multiple languages is also available.

Opera GX screenshot

Opera GX


Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically to complement gaming. The browser includes unique features to help you get the most out of both gaming and browsing.

LastPass screenshot



LastPass is a convenient and free password manager that keeps all of your login information secure without having to memorize them. With LastPass, users can automatically log into any site if they have once entered the information needed, releasing you from the problem of forgetting the password.

Keeper screenshot



Keeper Password Manager software is a free, secure and feature-rich Windows 10 application for managing passwords and other private sensitive data, with which you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your password anymore!

AirDroid screenshot



AirDroid is a free mobile to pc file transfer software that allows you to transfer files, photos, documents, music or APKs from Windows 10 PC to PC, PC to Android, PC to Mac or iOS devices in a wireless way. And controlling mobile devices remotely is also supported by this app.

CorelDRAW screenshot



CorelDRAW is one professional graphic design software that allows you to create, draw, and edit vector graphics, layout, illustration, tracing, photo editing, web images, and art. It's the best alternatives of Adobe Illustrator. And you can use this software on Windows and Mac.

Vectr screenshot



Vectr is a free vector graphic design tool that allows you to create, edit, and save vector graphics like logos, cards, or any 2D graphic, no matter you're a beginner or professional. This free vector editor is available on Windows, Linux, and Chromebook.

Gravit Designer screenshot

Gravit Designer


Gravit Designer is a powerful and free online vector design app that allows you to create beautiful vector graphics in a simple way for your website, icons, UI designs, and social media. It is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Miro screenshot



Miro is one of the best online whiteboard apps with realtime collaboration, helping to get work done even at home. You can create, collaborate, and centralize communication for all your project work. And Miro can integrate with Microsoft Teams, Notion, Airtable, Google Drive, etc.

Microsoft White­board screenshot

Microsoft White­board


Microsoft Whiteboard is one of the best digital online whiteboard apps for teaching, ideas sharing, drawing, and where you need to share ideas collaboratively for team and friends. You can use this online whiteboard app on Windows 10, iOS devices and web.

Drawpile screenshot



Drawpile is a free online whiteboard app that allows multiple people to drawing on the same image in real-time. This collaborative drawing tool provides diverse brushes for a brainstorm, and support recording and making short videos.

LockHunter screenshot



LockHunter is a foolproof file unlocker, it's one of the best tools for deleting blocked files. It shows processes locking a file or folder,it allows to kill locking process.

Figma screenshot



Figma is a free UI design tool that you can create, prototype, handoff and collaborates with your teams in the same place, giving great flexibility for your work. This design software is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Andriod.

Bing Wallpaper screenshot

Bing Wallpaper


Microsoft Bing Wallpaper is a free app that provides new, high-quality, and daily wallpapers for Windows 10. Download this free Bing images applications to change your device backgrounds or lock screen now.

KMPlayer screenshot



KMPlayer is a powerful media player which can play videos, music with a wide range of formats. It can support resolutions of up to 8K, 360-degree video and YouTube streaming. You can enjoy your movies with crystal clear image quality on DVD and Blu-ray. It also has the ability to record audio and video files.

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