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Supported Devices
Windows 10,Windows Mobile
Aug 03,2018
986.67 MB
x86, x64
Editor's Review
Microsoft Layout, is a design app for mixed reality. Users can use Layout to view 3D models in a room at real-world scale, allowing them to see how a room will look in the physical space around them or in a virtual space.
Bring designs from concept to completion with confidence and speed. Import 3D models to easily create room layouts in real-world scale. Experience designs as high-quality holograms in physical space or virtual reality and edit with stakeholders in real time. With Microsoft Layout, see ideas in context, saving valuable time and money.

For a limited time, download the free preview of Layout.

1. Microsoft Layout requires Microsoft HoloLens or a Windows Mixed Reality headset, motion controllers, and a Windows Mixed Reality-ready PC. To import 3D models, users must also download and launch the Import Tool for Microsoft Layout on their PC, available for free from Microsoft Store. Additional hardware and software requirements vary for available features and content. For a complete list of technical requirements, see
Spatial mapping of floors, walls, and ceilings*
Import custom 3D models with Import Tool for Microsoft Layout
Drag, drop, resize, rotate, and copy models as 3D holograms
Supports the following file formats: FBX, OBJ, STP, SKP, JT, and GLTF to GLB
Cloud-based optimization of 3D models
Import space dimensions from Visio**
Compatible with video streaming applications for easy sharing***
Compatible with HoloLens and/or Windows Mixed Reality headsets
*Requires Microsoft HoloLens
**Requires the Visio Add-in for Microsoft Layout
***Video streaming requires a separate app, such as Microsoft Remote Assist for HoloLens, or Skype or Skype for Business for Windows Mixed Reality headsets
Supported Languages
English (United States)